According to research people spend almost 90% of their lives indoors in spaces like their home or their work. At this point, spaces for entertainment or holidays, should be added. During crises, such cases of an epidemic break out like with Covid-19, the time a person may spend inside the house may rise to almost 100%.

All these spaces will affect a person’s Health and Well-being, either positively or negatively depending on structure and form of their energy.

By improving the structure and the energy of the interior spaces with mg宝石转轴破解客户端平台mg宝石转轴破解地址地址 system, it is proven that you are also improving the energy, health, psychology, productivity, concentration and well-being of the people who use those spaces.



The mg宝石转轴破解注册代理平台官网 for homes passively improves a persons health and wellness via the spaces where they live and sleep in.



Hotel rooms and accommodations with the mg宝石转轴破解地址官网 certification function therapeutically for people by improving their health, well-being and mood during their stay.



Applying the mg宝石转轴破解二维码手机 in business spaces contributes to increasing the productivity of employees and the success of the business.


Humans need positive energy in their lives now more than ever and applying the mg宝石转轴破解网址娱乐 to the design of the spaces in which they live offers the positive energy which humans need for a happy and harmonious life.

Watch the experiment in the video to see how the structure and energy of a space can affect a person positively or negatively.


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